Adobe Creative Suite 5.5Adobe has rolled out a major update to it’s Creative Suite 5. Unlike past versions, where you would wait 18 months for a new version of the Suite, now you’ll get a .5 update a year after the original release. So expect CS6 to be released in the Spring of 2012 instead of the Fall of 2011.

CS5.5’s major emphasis is web. Basically designing not just for a PC or Mac but for any type of screen from an iPad to the new Blackberry Playbook to an Android device or other type of smartphones. Much greater support for HTML5, JQuery Mobile and using Flash and Dreamweaver for application development. Not to mention using the soon to be released Digital Publishing Suite with InDesign CS5.5 to create rich interactive content.

We’ll start delving more into this at our April 28th meeting which will focus on HTML5 and CSS3 web development. We’ll show off the new Adobe Wallaby tool for converting Flash movies into CSS3 animations and how Dreamweaver CS5.5 uses JQuery Mobile and HTML5 in general. Please join us at Working Village in Santa Monica on the 28th.

Creative Suite 5.5 will be released in mid May and we’ll have a full look into it at our May 26th meeting at Border Stylo in Hollywood.

A series of videos have been released on AdobeTV focusing on many of the new features of CS5.5