Sidekick 2011On June 30th, LAdobe held its’ first ever Summertime Mixer at Steingarten LA to a great success. One of the reasons we were there was to ring in our latest Photoshop Idol for 2011 and inaugurate the new brand identity for our annual MiniMAX event each October around the Adobe MAX conference for the locals. So this year’s challenge was doubly as difficult as in years’ past.

Fortunately, we had some really great entries and it was just difficult enough to come up with a final three. However, we ended up with the finalists, Harold Buchman, Kimberly Guccione and Ed Ward, who was also a finalist last year as well. After last year’s dilemma of a dead heat, the rules were altered slightly so that 51% of the final score would come from the professional judges and the other 49% would come from the audience. Again, a very close vote and if we hadn’t altered the rules, we may still be determining a winner right now.

However, we do have this year’s Photoshop Idol! And it is Kimberly Guccione of Pasadena who won for her ‘Sidekick’ entry featuring clean and sharp lines of red and black. Kimberly won a series of eBooks from O’Reilly and an Alien Skin plugin, a limited edition Photoshop long sleeve shirt and of course…the biggie….a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5! Congrats to Kimberly and congrats to our new name for MiniMAX….SIDEKICK! Get used to it and get ready for Sidekick on October 1st!