It’s been a while since Sunil Rampersad won our Website Nightmares competition last December, but now we’re ready to finally debut version 2.0 of the new LAdobe site! And a lot has changed. Besides the drastic switch in appearance, the new site features a history of the group, a complete list of sponsors and links to all other LA area Adobe User Groups. We even have a Twitter feed now and we post our latest Tweets directly on the sidebar of each LAdobe page. Photo Galleries will be a lot different too as you’ll see once we post photos of our June 17th Flex some Cold Beer and ColdFusion event with Joshua Adams. Most importantly, we now have Forums! Yes, you can finally ask your Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion and even legacy programs like Director and even for you old-timers, Freehand.

We’ve worked really hard to make this site one of your most important resources for the LA Tech and Creative Community and we like to think we’ve succeeded. But we know better. We expect a lot of you to have ideas for even more improvements to the site and we want to hear them. Please send us your feedback and we’ll look into how feasible it is to make this site even better than it already is.

We are planning later this summer to do a session on the making of the new website. More information about when will be displayed shortly.

Meantime, enjoy the new LAdobe v2.0!